Subversion Notes

The JigCell team uses SourceForge to manage source code. If you want to access the latest version as the developers are working on it, you can install a Subversion client on your machine and access the JigCell repository. Warning: at any given moment, the current version of the repository may be broken (e.g. it may not compile, it may not run, or it may destroy data). If you still wish to access the repository, follow the instructions below.

For the general public

Create a directory to hold the files, and change to that directory.

mkdir jigcell
cd jigcell

Now you need to look in the repository and find the code that you are interested. Then you can run:

svn co

For example, if you want to get the main trunk for the JigCell project (which is what most people will probably want to do), run:

svn co

Note: Do NOT check out the root of the repository.

Now that you have a working copy, you can update it quickly and easily to get the current version. To do this, make sure you are in the directory that you created, and then run:

svn update

If you have any more questions about Subversion, look in the Subversion book. The book is available online in a variety of formats, and it is very well written.